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The French offering incentives to EV buyers

Posted on May 25, 2010 in Electric Vehicle

Most of the countries around the world have already announced their plans to put electric vehicles on roads and as we see most of the deals start with the government of these countries agreeing to buy a particular numbers of electric vehicles suppose say X amount of EVs for supporting the cause of introducing Electric vehicles. The promise of buying electric vehicles shows the government’s belief in buying battery-powered technology. The deal also enhances the mutual ties amongst the key automakers and they are also provided with some incentives to carry on with their Electric vehicle research. The government of these countries also support the cause by talking and encouraging the infrastructural plans in need of Electric Vehicles. The French government has surely taken up such plans seriously and has already started taking action in the same direction.

For the given cause, the French government has committed to buy 50,000 electric vehicles for their fleet use. This figure is way too much than what we could usually think of. The government of France have already assembled the group of 20 such corporations, utility companies and larger fleet owners to make the purchase of Electric vehicles possible. The companies Renault and Peugeot-Citroen have committed to maximum amount of funds for the research of Electric Vehicles. The incentive factor is quite a bit surprising at 5,000 Euros, this sounds like a super bonus at today’s exchange rate. The incentive is available until the year 2012 and according to the government officials; the incentive rate will be eliminated at any price difference amongst the conventional and electric cars. The government has also set out and promised to fund such pilot projects for the infrastructural support. For common laymen this comes as good news especially for those who were longing to see a greener environment. It’s pretty much standard agreement but shelling out 50,000 Electric vehicles is quite a bit lot in quantity.

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