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The Future of Aptera to be discussed at Press Conference Next Month

In November of 2009 several employees and ‘higher-ups’ in the company were given an extended time of leave. Issues with finances is what created this lay-off, along with more than a year delay in the release of the Aptera 2e three-wheeler. Touch-ups that were made during the prototype stage also caused an even further delay of release.

However, now it looks as if things are beginning to move forward with the company. The press conference being held will reveal up-coming plans for the future of the company. Production updates will be discussed, as well as an introduction to the 2e that has undergone some changes and is now ready for production. A few of the changes that have been made to the 2e include beneficial improvements to the aerodynamics, roll-down windows and doors that are taller, stiffer panels, and several other changes that have been made.

The company’s headquarters that are located in California is the expected location of the conference, where they plan to concentrate on financial concerns of the company. More importantly, it is expected that Aptera will discuss new private funding that has been acquired to get things rolling once again.

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