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The new Mitsubishi iMiEV

Posted on May 19, 2010 in Mitsubishi

The new world of automotives has arrived offering you great electric vehicles that will produce less pollution globally. The last few months has seen some companies develop more electric vehicles to be available to the drivers. For some reasons, the shine of EV has come off as it was told in consumer reports. It was stated that a Mini E experienced some anxiety behavior in the cold weather. The state of southern California is one of the hottest markets for electric vehicles noting the fact that electric cars are more immune to the winter weather here. Los Angeles has a very dense traffic so it gets nearly impossible to drive the car at a constant speed. So most of the times it becomes a little problematic to measure the state of lithium ion batteries in the car.

Most of the people have different experiences on roads and it nearly becomes a little difficult to drive freely and there are more chances for you to get stuck on the freeway as it as reported by Southern California Public Radio reporter recently. Mitsubishi’s recently unveiled iMiEV is said to quote a 100-mile range with the help of a Japanese cycle. This comes as good news for speed lovers. The practical real world speaks about 70 mile that is quite a reasonable limit for the normal norms. The reporter had to stop the third time for her charge while on her way back. A nonstop drive of an hour with 110-volt plug was not capable of giving a 14 mile journey. This goes on to say that EV drivers need to plan their drips consciously unless with the exception that they are driving volt. The new iMiEV is a gasoline mini car, it emits zero amount of emissions. One may argue about the power plant that emits CO2 for charging the car, but even then it emits just 30 % of the carbon dioxide being a gasoline minicar.

The global warming enthusiasts will surely like the concept of the new mini car that gives great efficiency, the cost per km is one-third compared to the gasoline vehicle. If the cost of electricity is lower than the over all cost may drop to as low as one ninth of the gasoline used.

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