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The surprising biodiesel affects of kosher foods

Posted on May 28, 2010 in News

Well, you are all wondering, what the heck? Do not worry even I questioned the same when I read it myself for the very first time. Until a decade back, no one actually knew that making biodiesel could cause major problems for the manufactures of kosher foods. Some of you might just wonder what is kosher? Lets have a quick run about what exactly kosher is. Kosher is the term used to designate a particular category of foods. The ingredients and manufacturing procedure of these foods should comply well with Jewish dietary laws. These are the laws that rabbi decides.

Well, let us first take up a biodiesel-kosher food story. The research data shows that glycerin is the byproduct of biodiesel production. As a result of which the availability of glycerin in the US increased manifold due to increase in the production of a biodiesel production. To produce biodiesel, one has to separate a fat into methyl esters, this part is used to make biodiesel and glycerin after methanol is added. The rabbis somehow realized that this glycerin is somehow entering the food chain, as glycerin is a sweet food substance that can be used in a variety of food products. The given fact is that biodiesel can be made from either animal or vegetable fats so it is necessary to know the fact whether the food made from glycerin are made from this source or other sources.

It becomes a little challenging to exactly know if the biodiesel is made from waste fats in restaurant and if the oil was used to fry pork? Or what exactly is glycerin is it a blend of a mix biodiesel production processes. For knowing this fact, Rabbis have been personal working with biodiesel production units to track the actual source of the fat and also to verify what is in the glycerin. After noting the results, they can confidently say whether the foods are Kosher or not.

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