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Toyota Launches Recycling Programs for NiMH Battery

Posted on November 01, 2010 in News, Toyota

From last many years, Nickel metal hydride batteries are not in use especially in powerful hybrid vehicles which are running on the roads. Hence, most dealers and manufacturer like Toyota are planning about reduction treatments of these batteries.

The mechanism of this process involves sorting as well as crushing of materials which are stored in these batteries. At the end of this process, nickel is remained and it headed for the production of stainless steel.

This whole system is really affordable and easy to do. Stainless steel is mainly used for manufacturing different varieties of components like to build exhaust system and regular or most wanted household items like cookware.

Now, Toyota Motor Corporation is taking the initiative to develop this recovering process. For this project, it takes help from Toyota Chemical Engineering Co. Ltd., Primearth EV Energy Co., Ltd., and umitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.

The process of creating something new from old is the most sensible decision and hence, they start their study and processing to make NiMH batteries more useful. Toyota is the first automobile manufacturing company which contributes their talent in making highly efficient NiMH batteries for large number of automobiles.

Always keep in mind that this recycling treatment is varying from battery to battery. This process not only makes battery life longer but also it is the cheapest process to extract and sort Nickel on a large scale.

The major of battery recovery process and sorting treatments will be mainly carried out by only Toyota Chemical and Toyota Motor. Each partner of this project is engaged with certain type of process. Like, Sumitomo will be doing only nickel refining and Primearth is allocated to do the task of quality control checks.

Till date, this program of battery-to-battery recycling is strictly confidential and limited to Japan. But still, Toyota is thinking about the expansion plan of this interesting project because they want to capture the whole overseas market. Toyota is well aware with the future of this program and its market importance.

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