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Unveiling of the 2011 Chevy Cruze Eco to Occur in the ‘Big Apple’

During the Auto Show of 2010 that is to be held in the ‘Big Apple’ (New York), Chevrolet manufacturers plan to unveil the new look of the Chevrolet Cruze Eco of 2011. They also plan to release some information regarding the RS trim package and its features.

The smooth riding of this trendy car is delivered by the 1.4-liter Ecotec inline 4-cylinder that is turbocharged. Power and the utmost in superb comfort are not the only benefits of this vehicle that you can look forward to in the Cruze, but you can also expect to receive an unbelievable level of great fuel efficiency. This is a favored benefit as the car delivers as much as 40 miles per gallon with highway driving that is quite comparable to many of the hybrid models of vehicles. Shutters that help to reduce drag and close off or block the lower grille when driving at faster rates of speed is a benefit that helps a great deal in achieving this amazing level of gas efficiency. Another factor that contributes to the awesome gas mileage of the Chevy Cruze are the front air dams that are set deep and are featured on the car’s under-body panels.

The smooth and leisurely driving experience that you feel in the Cruze Eco can be attributed to the 1.4-liter turbo engine that provides 148 lb-ft of torque and 138 horsepower.

Some of the exciting trim levels that will be available to select from would include the LTZ, LT, and the LS trim level. When you choose to opt for the LS trim level, you are provided with a 1.8-liter 4-cylinder engine that puts out 136 horsepower. When you decide to choose from the two higher levels, turbo is also featured. Those who have a taste for a sportier style can select from the RS package. This choice provides you with an appealing interior design that has been upgraded and features instrument cluster bezels that are backlit, the look of zest that comes from a rear spoiler, foglamps, and extensions on the rocker panel.

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