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Vehicles Made More Safer With New Technologies

Posted on April 16, 2010 in Green News | Write a review

If we compare our modern vehicles to the older version, which used to be as big as a boat, today’s modern vehicles are much safer to drive. But still few people have notion about the big car being much safer than the small. What are you going to hit – another huge truck or a car? Even if you have bought it for safety reasons, it’s not necessary it will be safer. Our modern cars are safer than previous old models because of the advance technology.

What we now see in our cars are two types of safety technologies: passive and active. The features and design of vehicle includes in the active safety and during an accident, the passive safety protects the occupants from more injuries or force of the crash.

The active safety not just includes electronic control and anti-lock brakes, but also lighting, breaks, suspension, steering, and tires. The entire chassis components if build on better platform, altogether it helps the driver to keep the car in control while driving in speed or turns and twists. Even during the collision, the driver will be able to control the car with ease to keep the vehicle on road, as well it prevents from collision whenever necessary. That’s why; the old huge stylish cars were less safe than today’s modern cars.
The cars having worn out parts can compromise the cars safety. For instance, tires! They are the only part of the car which is in contact with the road. The entire weight of the car and pressure is adjusted by the tires. So if the tires are worn out, it will be critical to maintain minimum tread depth and tire pressure which can be responsible for accidents on road.

In maintaining the control over a car, shock absorbers also play an important role. Gradually these struts or shock absorbers wear out, so the control over the car isn’t always possible. The new set of shocks at right time, can give a driver both relaxing as well as safe drive.

Most of the cars are installed by the ABS brakes, but few people actually know how to use it. At the moment of collision the driver has to step on the brake pedal as hard as possible, the rest, braking, will be done by the Brake Assist system. The ABS technology has a good feature which allows the driver, while collision, to control steering while applying the brakes. If the driver doest panic and with present of mind (which is hard to do while crashing) can steer the wheels at place he wants his car to stand. But most the drivers aren’t able to use this advantage of ABS to the fullest.

Stability control is great as an equalizer. The stability control helps the driver to control the car and drive efficiently. All new cars which are produced now, are been tested under the stability control system from past 2004. Even the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standard is making this system mandatory in vehicles manufacturing, weighting below 4,536 kg, in next year’s August.

Passive safety technology include for instance vehicle crumple zones, airbags, collapsible steering columns, seatbelts, head restraints, and the use of more rigid steel in a number of body parts. Among all of these systems, seatbelts are considered to be most effective as well as its use is passed through entire Canada. Still, there are several people, including children, who don’t put on them or put on them in wrong way. Also making available at the child seats, child restraints, and booster seats! These things inside the car help the occupants to resist any kind restraints from interior of the car.

Airbags are good for the front seat passenger and for the driver. This helps the occupants in the front seat not to collide into the windshield’s glass. But this system works only if you are buckled up with seatbelts.

The modern vehicle are designed to crumple while collision. The metal sheet crumples because it takes all the force of crash on it, thus, protecting the passengers inside it. Crumpling cars are not pleasant to watch but yet they are very safe.

There are many technologies introduced in the vehicles, but still sometimes mishaps happen on the road because of the driver’s mistakes or carelessness. So it’s upon driver to drive safely or not. So be safe and alert while driving!

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