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Volkswagen hybrid plans for US market by the year 2018

Posted on August 01, 2010 in News, VolksWagen

Volkswagen has long been proclaiming that going Diesel is a much better options than producing Hybrid cars. The diesel machines are said to be truly efficient and offers great practical uses. It is difficult to get that concept in the US as people are used to being noisy and using the smelly cars. The company VW has overcome that image with Jetta TDI, the car that is changing directions. It was stated by VW chairman Dr. Martin in the recent Electronics Research Lab in Palo Alto that in the near future Volkswagen would come out with technology that would beat even the electric cars of today. Referring to its earlier Bettle model the doctor said that VW has plans to bring out electric cars for everybody. According to the research as stated by him, the hybrid and electric vehicles will almost account for three percent of VW global sales by the year 2018.

Dr. Martin Winterkorn also made his remarks of bringing hybrid and electric vehicles in to the US, the first going to be introduced is the new 2011 Touareg Hybrid that would be launched in the year end. The new Touareg is said boost 333 horsepower with a 3.0 liter supercharged V6 gasoline engine boosintg of 34 kilowatt electric motor. The new machine has a eight speed automatic transmission engine with an all wheel drive setup. Like the way hybrids work, the new Touareg Hybrid shut it engine off when it comes to a stop and starts again in an electric mode. The Hybrid system of Touareg would be shared with other similar Audi Q5 hybrid and the other Porsche S Cayenne Hybrid system.


Successfully Volkswagen has brought in diesel cars which offer excellent quality performance. They are also making efforts to bring in electric cars with power pack performance.

Dr. Martin Winterkorn’s comment is a sensational statement coming out from the stable of VW. In fact its good news that diesel engine cars are going to a top priority. Electric Cars are exceptional but I doubt their ability to for longer drives for eg:above 100 miles distance. Diesel cars strike a perfect balance between both Petrol and Electric Cars to produce the ultimate performance.

VW’s initiative is good to bring back hybrid cars to the US market. – Automotive Directory

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