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Where Did the Hybrid Car Get its Start in Life

Posted on April 14, 2010 in Hybrid Vehicle

Nowadays the hybrid cars are making headlines and more and more people are preferring hybrid cars over conventional ones. Everything has a beginning and so does hybrid cars. The history of the hybrid cars is very interesting to know.

You will be surprised to know that hybrid cars existed even earlier to petrol powered vehicles.

The history of hybrid goes back into the time of 1665, when Ferdinand Verbeist, a Jesuit priest, started to make designs and plans of a car. He wasn’t envisaging it very intricate or complex, just some sort of a simple car. Simple car with four wheels and powered by steam. Even after fifteen years of dedicated work of turning his dream car into reality, he struggled to perfect his dream vehicle.

It’s still a mystery whether he completed his project or not. There is no physical proof to show any work regarding his plan. But in 1769, an invention of carriage running on steam was discovered. The man who owned it was Nicholas Cugnot. Invention of such engine during that period is a great achievement, but to use it in this generation of cars won’t be enough to accept as it ran only six miles per hr.

Finally, in 1839, Robert Anderson of Scotland made a discovery of first hybrid car. It was fully designed and developed electric car. It is the first hybrid car which sparked many interests of the people of that time. But the only drawback of the car was its battery. It was difficult to recharge it. Even after Robert Anderson, many inventors tried to find a solution but didn’t succeed.

In 1898, there was another break through in the world of automobiles; Porsche introduced an electric car with fuel combustion engine. It was a milestone of that time. The car was named as the Lohner Electric Chaise. Under the hood of the car was exceptional, just on battery it propelled up to 40 miles. Not after much gap of time, inventors came up with battery and gas powered engines, which in today’s time is called hybrid vehicle.

Then in 1999, Honda Insight was unveiled into the market of US. The Insight model of Honda came up with hybrid car having light-weighted doors. After this, hybrid automakers never looked back and invented new hybrids with new technologies as well as making improvements in the old ones.

The plan and design of a hybrid car began simple and at present, they are simple yet attractive. Their advantages in reducing global warming and cost cutting value have made hybrids popular among the people. For instance, Toyota Prius sales was #1 in this fiscal year and not after much time, Ford ‘Escape’ SUV hybrid sales took off, thus becoming first SUV hybrid till time.

This is history of hybrids in a nutshell – today’s contemporary car.

So there it is in a nutshell, the history of the hybrid car – today’s modern car.

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