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Will the Hyundai i-flow Concept emerge into the Euro i40 for 2011?

The European market will have the opportunity to benefit from the production of the plug-in hybrid known as the Euro i40 in 2011, which was inspired by Hundai’s i-flow Concept car that was recently shown at the Motor Show in Geneva. With plans to be in competition with Ford’s Opel Insignia and the Mondeo, is the i40 D-segment model, which can be compared in size to the Sonata that launched recently.

Whether or not the Hyundai Euro i40 is planned to be sold as a replacement in Europe over the Sonata, or if there are plans to sell the i40 as well as the Sonata, is not clear at this time. There have been no dimensions released regarding the Euro i40, but it is even possible that this plug-in hybrid could be replacing the Azera, which is a bit larger sized vehicle.

The debut of the production i40 is planned to have a body style that is comparable to that of an estate/station wagon, and then plans for later are for it to be followed with a sedan. Only time will tell which version will end up in production, either the gas hybrid power-train, or the diesel-hybrid of the Sonata.

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